Monday, September 29, 2008

'McCain Runs Away From His “Great Bailout Success”'

From Firedoglake, here.

Paging Mr. DeMille:

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- After bragging today about his role in shaping the economic bailout package, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) made no statement to the press after the defeat of the bill, in part at the hands of House Republicans.

Instead, McCain boarded his Straight Talk Air charter plane, where he sat in front, separated from reporters by a brown curtain, without making a comment on the bill's defeat.

So much pomp, so little circumstance. After melodramatically "suspending" his campaign last week to rush back to Washington -- well, okay, to his campaign office in Arlington -- to save the Wall Street bailout negotiations -- well, okay, to make dinner reservations Saturday night with the Liebermans at a four-star restaurant in D.C., John McCain got to watch his latest campaign publicity stunt crash and burn with the same fiery elan as those four Navy jets he piloted.

Such a miserable failure demanded the only response possible for a diva: blame everyone else. . . .

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