Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday night

The electrical contractor is coming in in the morning to work in the kitchen. They called me at work this afternoon to confirm it. Taking a vacation day off.

I'm not taking a vacation this year and had planned on using vacation days to deal with the kitchen remodel. But that has dragged on so long (well over two months) that I was starting to crack up from lack of holidays (not to mention living in the mess without a kitchen). I think Bertrand Russell wrote an essay on that topic (not about kitchen remodeling--just lack of holidays). I think he attributed lack of holidays to the rise of fascism or something. (I can't remember.)

The moral of the story is: Take your holidays and you'll remain sane. Looking forward to my vacation day tomorrow, even though I have to wake up earlier than usual.

Tonight I cleaned the bathroom that the electrical workers will be using and also tidied up the kitchen a bit. I had bags of grocery store stuff all over the floors (since I don't have any cabinets to put stuff in). Plus stuff sitting on top of a card table (since I have no counters to put stuff on).

P.S. Blogger is working better. It's putting the correct date and times on the posts. But it's still not putting them on the list of posts. That's OK. I can edit them directly from the blog itself.

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