Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday night late

Hope those natural sleeping pills kick in soon.

I was back at the gym tonight. Didn't go yesterday, as I usually do on Sundays since B. left. My left shoulder was actually painful to the touch (not just an ache). It's been bad for almost a year and I think I overdid it at the gym on Friday. So I let it heal a little. It felt better today. (I also took a nap after work today.) The damage to this shoulder was caused, I think, by years of sleeping on my left side on a firm mattress.

The weather yesterday was also discouraging. It was really nasty right at the time I would normally walk down to the gym. So I made up for it today.

No word today from Home Depot. I'm still sitting here without a kitchen (since July 2). As I've probably mentioned, the stove was disconnected last Friday, so the kitchen is now totally useless, except as a storage area. I'd been using the stove to make a load of chili once a week and using the timer to time my laundry (i.e., the washer and dryer in the laundry room). Now it's back to the wind-up tomato.


m'sean said...

dear heaven, you don't know how sad I am about your kitchen, this is very wrong i think it is time you call in the big guns and mean business!!!!!!!!!11

m'sean said...

call home depot and tell them for now on don't talk to me talk to my lawyer