Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday night

One more day before before the electrical people come in to do what they need to do in the kitchen before the cabinets can be installed. I can hardly wait. I was starting to fray around the edges.

Took a much-needed nap after work before going to the gym. Bootsy had been in the bed and woke me up, scratching again (we don't have fleas, I should add). But that was OK. The alarm clock was about to go off anyway. I didn't yell at him or anything.

On my walk to the gym, I saw B.'s BF's black Hummer parked in the handicapped space in front of Flanigan's again. Must be another day off for B. The Hummer was still there an hour later on my walk back home (at 10:00). Flanigan's is a restaurant and full-liquor sports bar. Whenever I see the Hummer parked (illegally) at Flanigan's, I wonder whether the BF has seen B. full-tilt crazed on tequila shots. (It's terrifying.)

I found a couple of feathers on my walk and presented them to Lucky when I got home. He had something more interesting going on, however, chasing a moth. I tried to catch it and put it outside but it disappeared. I'd been afraid Lucky would break something, jumping up on top of anything and everything to get to it.

Speaking of terrifying, aside from Sarah Palin this economy is downright scary. (And today she said it was too bad the government intervened, as if she knows anything.) The unregulated shadow banking system is falling apart at the seams. I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime. I'm sure my 401K took a hit. Both Bill Clinton and Bush let this happen. Shades of 1929. I guess it's time to put some regulations in place before we all suffer.

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