Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday night

Not much to report. Haven't heard anything back from Home Depot about the electrical inspector coming in here to inspect last Friday's work. I'm still living in the same mess, and the stove is no longer in commission--it was disconnected on Friday. (I'd been using it to make a load of chili once a week.) The kitchen cabinets and counters can't be installed until all the electrical work is done and inspected. The stuff they did on Friday was only the "rough" installation.

Spent an hour tonight working on the kitchen ceiling so it'll be ready when they install the new fan. Who knows when that will be... But I'll have my work done by then. I still have to repair the damage that the electrician did to the ceiling (it was unavoidable). That won't take long, however. That will be my next project.

So I've been working more on this and blogging a little less. Sorry.

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