Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night

Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with a friend. I hadn't heard from him in two weeks and had been expecting a call. Over a year ago, his dog, Moriah, ran into a sliding glass door at his house in Ft. Lauderdale and became partially paralyzed. The prognosis was bad, but my friend gave Moriah lots of special therapy (including exercises in his swimming pool) and she regained most of her function. I saw her in February and she could walk almost normally. She seemed to be very happy. (I've known this dog since she was a puppy, eight or nine years ago.)

Then six weeks ago, while my friend was out walking her, Moriah had a massive seizure and became paralyzed again (on one side, as before). My friend had to carry her home. He started therapy again, but there was little progress and Moriah was acting despondent. The last thing I heard, the vet said that Moriah wasn't getting any younger and now appeared to be giving up.

Tonight my friend was happy to report that Moriah has significantly improved and is walking fairly well. I was so glad to hear it. He said she still falls down sometimes or veers off course, but that she's no longer despondent and just picks herself up and deals with it. He said she's happy to be alive again. We talked for over an hour, mostly about his dog and my kitchen.

Got a lot done today, especially with regard to the kitchen. Did some painting and some repairs to the ceiling in there. Also went out shopping twice. Didn't go to Magnum. Walked down to the Boston Market for a light dinner of their meaty chicken soup and creamed spinach, and afterward had an orange herbal tea at Starbucks before packing it in for the night.

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