Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday night

At home with the cats.

I got a good night's sleep, which I needed. Didn't get one the night before. I slept till a little after noon--made myself linger in bed to repair--and woke up a little achy. That would be from sitting in this chair for over seven hours yesterday while the electrician was here, working in the kitchen. It's a nice, comfortable chair, but still.

Decided not to do anything productive today except go to the gym (afterward stopping by the store for a few things). I didn't go last night since I was too tired. I usually go on Sundays, but since I went today, I may pop in at Magnum tomorrow around tea dance time, not that they have a tea dance. (There used to be tea dances all over Miami on Sundays, with free food.) I still have to paint a ceiling fan and finish priming and painting the kitchen ceiling and fix the damage the electrician caused yesterday while re-wiring the recessed lights (to eliminate one that will be covered by a new cabinet). (The damage was unavoidable.) Maybe I'll do some of that tomorrow, or maybe not. There's no real urgency, I don't think.

Today I was hungry and had a big NY Strip steak dinner at Flanigan's, with cole slaw and black beans with chopped onions (no rice), along with hearty soup for starters. After the gym, I had a green tea at Starbucks and a pomegranate smoothie at Jamba Juice and then came home. Mundane, but that's OK. Yesterday was almost too exciting, with work resuming in the kitchen after two and a half months of stagnation (and no functional kitchen). Now, however, the kitchen is even more useless than before, since the electrician had to unplug the stove. At least I was able to make my easy chili recipe (no real kitchen necessary), which in part I've been subsisting on. But no longer.

I know I may sound like a broken record when I talk about it, but would anyone like to go without a kitchen for months on end? It's a terrible inconvenience and costs me extra money to have other people prepare my food when I can (and am more than willing and able to) do it myself. I can't wait to cook up something when the kitchen is done. I haven't decided yet what the first dish will be. I'll definitely keep you posted.

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