Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday evening

Just got home from my walk, fed cats, and ate some cold chili. I love it cold -- it's a completely different experience. (Love it warm, too.)

So Paul Krugman (and others) must have gotten to Obama. Today he's back being "The One We’ve Been Waiting For." (See Krugman post below.) Back watching Chris Matthews again tonight. There he goes, being combative, shouting over his guests (Alan Grayson now). Chris Matthews is now lecturing Grayson on reconciliation. He's such an asshole.

This is what Grayson was getting at, but Matthews kept cutting him off and basically telling him he didn't know what he was talking about. It was disgraceful. From Big Tent Democrat here ("Progress On the Health Bill").

E.J. Dionne:

[L]eaders of both Houses are considering: The House would pass a version of the reconciliation bill containing the various amendments and send it to the Senate. The Senate would change it slightly (in ways that the House agreed to), which would require the House to vote on it again. Only after it got the revised reconciliation bill would the House take up the Senate bill. The House could then pass both bills and send both to the president. Problem solved, health-care passes, and we move on.

Finally, someone is addressing the situation constructively.

Digby goes on and on about Chris Matthews' latest show here. (I knew she would.)

[Matthews] arrogantly goes on and on and on pretty much saying that Grayson is a dipshit because nobody who knows anything about how Washington works would ever suggest such a thing as using reconciliation to pass the bill. . . .

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