Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Night

Still haven't bathed Bootsy yet. He got out of bed a while ago and wanted to sit around (usually here at my feet, which bugs me sometimes). I brushed him and then it was the cats' dinner time. He's back on the bed now, so I can easily carry him into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I took a shower, got dressed and walked down the street to the convenience store for some cigarettes. I noticed Starbucks was back open. Cars were lined up in the drive-through.

Lots of new stuff on HGTV today. I'll watch two new shows and then bathe Bootsy while the Dream House show is on (don't care about that). Don't want to miss the new outdoor space designer from Australia at 10:00. (It's almost 8:00 now.) This guy (Jamie Durie) used to be a stripper with an Australian group similar to the Chippendales.

Just had a Marie Callender's meatloaf dinner. Delicious.

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