Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday night

Went to take B. his Pepe le Pew slippers when I got home from work. He was standing at the cash register by the door when I came in with the shopping bag. Right off, I thought I saw a fairly pronounced scar on his forehead that didn't appear to be the same as the one he had from a childhood injury. As I was about to do a double-take he told me he'd been in a pretty serious head-on automobile collision while he was in Cozumel with his sister, but that everything was OK. I was dumbfounded. (I did ask whether it was his fault and he said no.) He was busy so I'll call him Thursday to find out more. He appeared happy to get his slippers and wished me Merry Christmas, etc.

(On second thought, I'll go visit with him at the restaurant on Saturday when he just gets in and it's not busy.)

I was out in the truck and was hungry, so I drove down to Taco Bell on 125th Street (a good street for head-on collisions if ever there was one). Went through the drive-through and took home a Mexican pizza and three tacos, which I ate before feeding the cats and changing clothes.

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