Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday night

Back from gym and store. The football game is still on. It'll be a while before "60 Minutes" starts.

[Later] "Desperate Housewives" was back on tonight. One of the best episodes in a long time. Following the plane crash on Wisteria Lane, the wives were dreaming or daydreaming about the future. Susan in a fat suit and fat makeup -- excellent. Carlos with salt-and-pepper helmet hair. Gaby with stringy white hair, watching her daughter's old band aid commercial, living amidst dusty clutter (with no Carlos) on food stamps. Lynette in granny glasses and a sensible dyed-blonde do (with no Tom?) while her prospective disabled baby graduates from law school, making a speech while holding onto a Canadian crutch.

So Karl is dead, as is the woman trying to extort the New York couple, and one of Lynette's twins in utero.

Next week sounds interesting, too.

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