Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday night

I'll be glad when this cold snap is over, only because I really can't get my place warm enough with my central air/heat and have no space heater. (And all space heaters are sold out in Miami.) I just wear more clothes.

Early this morning I was awakened by the sound of one of the cats throwing up. I did go back to sleep, but when I got up, there was vomit in practically every room, pale foamy stuff. I couldn't tell which cat had been sick. Bootsy came to sit at my feet here when I turned on the computer. But when I went to feed the cats, Bootsy slinked back into the bedroom and curled up on the bed, with no interest in eating (not like him at all). So he was the sick one. He looked comfortable enough, however, so I went along to work.

I worried about him all day long, not knowing in what condition I'd find him when I got home. Fortunately he was OK -- he'd fully recovered. He was lying in the same place on the bed but got right up and ate. He seemed to be exceptionally hungry and ate well. (Maybe he hadn't eaten all day long.) Then he went out onto the terrace and I fed him some catnip (Lucky too). Glad he's feeling better, and he seems to be glad too.

Tired. Couldn't nap on the bus, worrying about Bootsy. Had a cup of tea earlier.

Watching Rachel Maddow now, then a new "Tabatha's Salon Take-Over."

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