Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday night

Back from gym and store. Watching "60 Minutes" now. I did locate a pair of sweatpants (dark red ones), which I wore to the gym today, along with my red Converse sneakers. I also wore a t-shirt rather than a tank top.

Just had a bowl of collards with ham, then some shrimp. I'll no longer buy farm-raised shrimp, no matter how cheap it is. Not even cocktail sauce can disguise the muddy flavor they often have. I thought these wild Florida shrimp would be good, but they taste faintly of chlorine. (I think I can disguise this with cocktail sauce.) I saw on the Internet:

"Shrimp should not smell like ammonia or rotten eggs - that would indicate the shrimp is old, according to Charles. She also says they should not smell like chlorine - that would mean they were washed in chlorine to kill bacteria. (Rebecca Charles is the chef and owner of the "Pearl Oyster Bar" located in New York City.)
I read also that while it's not illegal to wash shrimp in chlorine, it's "unacceptable." (This isn't the first time I've bought shrimp at Publix that tasted like chlorine.)

Tonight I located a pair of gloves to wear tomorrow. I haven't worn gloves in years. This isn't the pair I was looking for but they'll do. If it's going to feel like freezing tomorrow morning while I'm waiting for the bus, I think it would be a good idea to wear them. They're black leather and a little dried-out. They're also almost worn out but not yet holey. (I've lived in some cold places, including Germany and Montana.) (I also have a pair of leather ski gloves for extremely cold weather. I'll probably never wear these again -- and I don't ski.)

I'll do a little work in the kitchen before "Desperate Housewives" starts.

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