Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday night

Drizzly and cold outside. I just drove over to visit B. and then drove back home. Then I remembered I needed something at the store, so I drove back out to two stores. The first store had run out of the Cumberland Gap ham steaks (2 for $7, which I bought last night). The other store didn't have those on sale but they had good-sized Smithfield ham steaks (what I normally buy) for $3.59/lb., so I bought one of those. I wanted plenty of ham to add to my collard greens.

The smoked ham hock stock should be about ready. I put it on after 4:00. Now I'll cut any meat off those to add to the collards.

B. was busy when I got there a little after 4:30. I sat there and had a bowl of split-pea soup and two cups of green tea.

B.'s auto accident happened around Sept. 12. He and the BF (not sister) had gone to Cozumel for their birthdays. The BF was driving when they were hit head-on, and B. got the brunt of it. It could have been much worse -- they spun around five times and this was in an open Jeep -- but B. only got a gash on his forehead. (B. said they hadn't been wearing their seat belts. How dumb.) He didn't go to the hospital -- the guys in the ambulance put a butterfly on the cut. The BF was bruised up. But they went on with their vacation.

[Later] Collards are done. Perfectly seasoned. And the diced ham makes it a meal. Eating it now (9:00). Had two Boca Burgers earlier.

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