Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paranormal night

Watched a few of those paranormal shows on A&E after Olbermann and Rachel. I believe in that stuff, since I've had paranormal experiences (and I'm a hard-science person), the last being visitations by my deceased cat Lucy in my (or, I should say, our) bed. Haven't had those in a while.

The baby of the nephew of the friend of the friend on Facebook is back home now. Saw a picture. She looks normal and very sweet, but they did an MRI tonight and nothing has changed there, sad to say.

After napping on the bus, I had my walk after work and brought home one of those third-pounder Angus burgers -- with cheese, bacon and not-your-usual pickle chips -- from McDonald's. Had that for dinner. Very tasty. (I'd had one before.) Also made a sirloin tip roast and mixed vegetables and will take some to work for lunch.

Probably won't go to the gym tomorrow so I can watch the State of the Union Address. Maybe I'll start back on Friday. I love going to the gym on Friday night since hardly anyone's there. Now they close the gym on Friday at 10:00, while staying open 24 hours the rest of the weekdays.

Another cold front here, but not as uncomfortable as the last one.

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