Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday night

Back at the gym and store tonight, after a little nap. It warmed up some today. Heater's off, place is opened up. Lucky is enjoying the terrace. It's supposed to get cold again tomorrow.

Bought some healthy things at the store: a frozen turkey breast, 5 boxes of Boca Burgers ($10), two bags of collard greens, some fat-free Greek yogurt (Chobani), large Florida wild shrimp ($2 off/lb.). Also bought fried chicken, however, which I shared with Bootsy. The greens will be cooked in a smoked ham hock broth and eaten with diced ham steaks (2 for $7) (maybe not so healthy). (I saved $8.14 on groceries tonight). I haven't cooked fresh collards in ages (probably not since before B. left). Ditto turkey. (But the kitchen was out of commission for many months during remodeling.)

I'd never had Greek yogurt before until a co-worker brought some in (unless it's in my Tzatziki sauce from the Greek restaurant). It's thick like sour cream, which I love. Tastes almost like sour cream too.

Just finished watching Rachel. One of her guests tonight was John Stanton of Roll Call magazine. I'd seen him on the show before. He's a nice-looking guy but his left ear sticks out while the right one lies flat. (I didn't even notice this the first time I saw him on the show.)

(I didn't doctor the photo except to eliminate the glare from the flash.)

Tomorrow I'll visit B. at his place of business to find out more about his auto accident in Mexico.

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