Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday night

Having a cold snap here. It's not supposed to get above 70 F. all week. Down into the 40s at night (30s tomorrow night). Last night I woke up cold and turned the heat on. (It's extremely rare that I use it.) I left it on at 75 this morning before I left for work, so the cats would be comfortable. I turned it off when I got home and opened the place up some -- it was stuffy -- but just turned it back on and closed the slider. Also put on a cardigan, plus my Goofy slippers.

B. left his Pepe le Pew slippers here in the closet when he moved out. (I only noticed this a few months ago since the slippers were sitting up on a shelf, vs. on the floor.) Tonight I put them in a big Macy's bag with a piece of tissue on top. I was going to drop them off at B.'s restaurant if he was working tonight. He was off, however, and had gone to Flanigan's (saw the Hummer parked there in the handicapped space). No doubt he'll be back at work tomorrow and I'll take him the slippers when I get home from work. Have had no contact with him since last summer before I went on vacation.

I got a nice bonus today and deposited the check in my bank tonight, along with some other checks, so that put me out on the road, going by B.'s place of business and Flanigan's (all on US 1). I had the Pepe le Pew slippers in my truck when I drove by Flanigan's, but I wasn't about to take them to B. there and risk a confrontation with the sociopathic BF. Better to do that tomorrow, as planned.

Re-watched the "Desperate Housewives" episode on the computer tonight (very poor quality, however -- maybe a lot of people on the website watching it). As my friend in Canada confirmed, Tom was in Lynette's dream about the future, wearing a mustache. (I'd thought it might be him.) Very brief shots of him, however, and he wasn't sitting up close to Lynette.

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