Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday night

Cold weather is back (in March?). Not welcome. Going down into the 40s again the next few days. It was cold and windy after work and I thought I'd wait for my bus on S.E. 1st Street rather than out in the open on Biscayne at Bayfront Park. But S.E. 1st Street turned out to be an arctic wind tunnel. (I did have my leather coat on, thank God.)

Too cold for the gym, so I drove to the store right after work (fully clothed still) to get stuff to make picadillo. (I already had the ground beef cooked.) This time I used a small green pepper in addition to a large onion. I think it added something, but it's good without it too. I also made half a cup of rice, with saffron-flavored Sazon and some saffron as well. Everything came out great. I'll have the picadillo for lunch tomorrow.

By the way, I don't mind going to the gym. I tend to run hot -- I have a fan going on me constantly both at home and at work -- and wear shorts and a tank-top while at the gym. (I can't even wear a t-shirt.) So for me to go to the gym when it's cold requires a lot of extra clothing just to get there (and which I would then have to remove to work out), at which point I say, forget it -- I'll wait till the weather warms up. I've been saying that a lot lately, because the weather has been horrible for Miami. I'm over it. I was raised here, and this is the worst winter I've ever experienced here. Not pleasant, and the summer was too long and hot also. Not looking forward to another one of those summers, but sick of this cold weather.

(I've lived in really cold places, with snow, etc., like Montana and Germany, but I'm talking about the weather here, which has been unseasonable.)

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