Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday night late

On a more personal note... At the beginning of the week, I called B. up to offer my old microwave oven to his parents (actually his mother and her boyfriend--she's still married to B's father). The microwave is like new and I don't need it anymore since I bought the new microwave for above the stove. B. said he'd tell his parents.

Haven't heard back anything, but that's OK. I'd wanted to end this relationship (I wasn't the one who brought about the ending, however) on a positive, conciliatory note, especially after all the anger and recriminations I'd expressed. (The parents actually moved B. out of here after they found out (from me) about his infidelity, saying I would never let B. hear the end of it--or words to that effect.) Anyway, my conscience is now clear.

I'd also told B. that if he wanted to see his cat, let me know, since I'm not trying to keep him away from his cat. (He'd wanted to come see him a few weeks ago while I was taking a nap after work. He even came to the building but they wouldn't let him up here--I'd given the office express instructions not to let him up here, not that that figured into it.) But apparently the new BF is back controlling B. with drugs, etc., since B. has never called me again. (That was after I told him not to call so long as he was back with that guy, except if he wanted to see his cat.) (I feel sorry for his cat.)

B's still kind of drifting, however. His sister told me recently he lives back and forth between his mother's and the BF's. B. had also told me that he still has my address on his I.D. Meanwhile, his important mail still comes here and I see that he gets it--so apparently he hasn't notified the state and county (for Medicaid, voting, etc.) that he's changed his address. He's in a drug fog, but that wears off and he still manages to keep his job. God bless him. He doesn't have to go to work till late afternoon.

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