Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday night

One more day of work this week for me. I'm tired and looking forward to the long weekend. I have a million things to do here but I also need some rest, after all this wrangling over the kitchen.

The bill for the electrical work still hasn't been paid, and of course I intend to pay it, when I see it. I'd left a half dozen messages (at least) with various people at Home Depot (including the District Service Manager and the Customer Care lady in Atlanta) and hadn't heard a word back. I was just asking for an itemized bill for the services rendered. I wasn't going to accept the fax of the original estimate which was presented to me by the electrician on Saturday as the final bill. There's stuff on the estimate that wasn't done (and probably wasn't necessary to begin with). I suspected from the beginning that the electrical contractor was trying to sell me stuff I didn't need (like an outlet at the end of the bar, which was never installed even though the estimator had said it was "Code").

(The electrical inspector passed the electrical work last week, and the lack of an electrical outlet at the end of the bar was not an issue--which really got me suspicious of the electrical contractor and their original estimate for what was required.) (The electrical contractor has probably done the most work here in terms of hours spent, and the work it excellent, but I don't trust the people in the office. To tell me that I owe the amount stated on the estimate, when several hundred dollars' worth of that wasn't done, raised a red flag.)

This electrical work is well over $2,000. You'd think I could get an itemized bill. When I got home today from work, I had a message from the kitchen expediter at Home Depot. She'd left the message at 9-something this morning on my home phone while I was on the way to work. Home Depot has all my numbers--if she'd really wanted to talk to me, she could have called me at work or on the cell. Maybe she was afraid I'd chew her out (a possibility) (and I'm normally a very easy-going person).

I'll call her tomorrow and try to get this straightened out and the bill paid. But I do want to see an itemized final bill for the parts and the services rendered before I pay it. Is that such an unreasonable request?

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