Thursday, November 27, 2008

'In Feeble Bid to Be Cool, Bush Pardons Rapper'

Amusing post here.

Guess those Peruvian Pisco sours finally caught up with W and left him feeling mellow. Or maybe it was the phone calls from Carly Simon. Whatever the reason, George Bush pardoned rapper John Forte, who was convicted of smuggling 1.4 million dollars worth of liquid cocaine through Newark Airport.

Carly's son Ben Taylor went to school--well to be precise, Philips Exeter Academy--with Forte who performed with the Fugees on their multi-platinum, Grammy-winning album The Score and sang back up with Simon-- and Carly put up $250,000 in bail money for Forte upon his arrest. [?]

Fellow musician Utah senator Orrin Hatch also lobbied for Forte's pardon.

(At Firedoglake.) (See here for more details.)

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