Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday afternoon

The electrician was here. He came around 10:15. He replaced the dimmer in the kitchen and installed the fan in here. He couldn't wire through the wall, so there's a strip there now (as on the ceiling, which is solid concrete). Kind of loftish-looking.

Not thrilled with this but that's the way it has to be. I'll eventually repaint the walls. You could put a tall piece of furniture up against the wall there (like an armoire or highboy) and never notice the strip. It's great having the fan, however. It's heavy-duty and makes no noise. And I can save on A/C.

I also pretty much finished putting everything away in the kitchen. The spices are arranged mostly alphabetically. They didn't all fit in the spice rack, but that's OK. I've got room to spare now.

I just can't find my wooden salt shaker that matches the pepper mill. That's OK--I plan on buying some new Peugeot white-acrylic ones at Crate & Barrel. I saw them at the mall the other day. (Not cheap, like the one(s) I have.)

Made a 3-egg omelette with diced ham for lunch. Excellent.

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