Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday night

Took a nap after work, then went to the gym and the store. My employer gives everyone $100 Publix gift cards at Thanksgiving, so lately I've been getting free groceries. I've got $3.95 left on the card.

Tonight I bought a fresh turkey breast -- the last one they had. The fresh ones weren't that much more expensive than the frozen ones, and fresh turkey does taste better. I also bought cubed steaks and chicken livers, along with yogurt and cat provisions. I also have a roast beef thawing in the refrigerator that I bought on sale not long ago, and some frozen vegetables I got the other day. I'll have plenty here to eat over the long weekend. I'll make spaghetti sauce with the chicken livers. I have to use up some Ragu sauce that was packed away while the kitchen was being worked on.

I first had spaghetti sauce with chicken livers at an Italian restaurant in Coral Gables while I was in high school and ordered it all the time there ever since. I love it and it's and easy to make. I'll doctor up the sauce. I should have bought fresh garlic but didn't think about it. (There's old garlic in the fridge that I don't think will be usable, but we'll see.)

Had a green tea at Starbucks after putting away the groceries, and now I'm in for the night.

Tomorrow I'll walk down to Flanigan's for turkey dinner. I hope it won't be too crowded. I like to sit at the bar and of course there will be football games going on. I'll sit there and read my magazine.

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