Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday night

Desperate Housewives was so-so, but at least it was back. Tonight it was more like a soap--hardly any humor, but the dramatic parts were good and the actors did a fine job with the material. I was glad to see the gay theme around Bree's son being re-introduced. Lately he's been coming across as a weirdo eunuch.

The whole story line about Gaby having to lose weight since Carlos will be getting his sight back is ridiculous--as if he couldn't feel that she's gotten fat (and Eva Longoria hasn't gotten fat, by the way). He's been sleeping with his wife for five years since he went blind.

The kids really are fat, however, which I don't find funny. It's grotesque and kind of sad. But I guess it's a fitting statement on our kids' health here in the U.S. and is what it's meant to be. (Too much macaroni and cheese, which is of course the lazy parents' fault.)

* * *

Was at the store after the gym. Then puttered around the apartment a bit, cleaning and putting the place back together with a new twist here and there. Also made myself a fat turkey sandwich to take to work tomorrow.

I didn't hear from Home Depot all weekend about the bill for the electric work. I guess this will get resolved next week, when business returns to normal. I also have to tell them about the problem with the sink shifting when I put some pressure on the inside of it (which then broke the caulk seal). I don't know how that's going to get resolved. Maybe with epoxy glue. They'd have a hell of a time drilling something into the bottom of the counter top from inside the cabinet. It's extremely tight in there. The sink is almost the length and width of the cabinet itself, and deep also.

I'm really enjoying the ceiling fan in this room. It's on a remote control, so I don't have to get up to change the speed when I get the hot flashes or the chills. (Kidding.) I think I'm probably using less A/C, and the fan should be energy-efficient since it's basically new and a good one.

We'll see what my next electric bill looks like since I've been cooking again and running the dishwasher and this fan. But since I've been back cooking, I've almost eliminated my spending in restaurants (Flanigan's especially, which is half a block away and has excellent New York Strip steaks and fried shrimp, which ain't exactly cheap.) (I've been eating cubed steaks here at home, with flavor enhancements.)

P.S. I love the Silestone. For one thing, it doesn't stain, as did the old laminate countertops which came with the place. I don't have to worry about juice stains, for example. I used to have to clean the old countertops with Clorox.

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