Friday, November 21, 2008


I have almost a normal weekend this weekend. The abnormal thing is that the electrician is coming tomorrow between 10:30 and 1:30. There's also the matter of paying the bill. I've already put $500 down and paid an extra $200, over and above the original estimate of $2,333.85, for rewiring the recessed lights. The electrical contractor wants me to pay them directly tomorrow when the electrician comes. The Home Depot kitchen expediter told me today she hasn't seen any details of the work they've done (apparently it's supposed to be in the computer system). I talked to one of the kitchen designers tonight, and he said to tell the electrician that Home Depot said I had to pay through Home Depot, and that if they had any questions, to call the store. (I also left a message with the District Service Manager.)

I'm concerned that the electrical contractor could be overcharging me behind Home Depot's back. Also, they didn't do some of the work shown on the estimate, and here today they're quoting me the full $2,333.85. Sorry but I don't trust them. I'll also talk with my own kitchen designer about this tomorrow morning before the electrician gets here.

Tonight, after a tea at Starbucks, I put away a lot more stuff in the kitchen. I still have to figure out where I'm going to put some things before I can put it all away.

Now at least I can prepare a meal. All the bags of kitchen items have been cleared from my bedroom. I'm also about ready to fold up the card table here in this room, which served as a kitchen counter for months.

(Click photo to see big mess.)

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