Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday afternoon III

Whaddaya know. The kitchen is done! Yippee aye oh kai yeah!! (But there's still a final inspection.)

Home Depot, or I should say their contractors, did a great job, despite the fact it took so long (Home Depot's fault). (I signed the contract at the beginning of May). The Home Depot kitchen designer was great (she did everything right). Someone told me I'd have my kitchen by Thanksgiving. Pretty accurate.

The rest is up to me. Now I have to clean this entire place (and do the backsplashes and some sanding and painting in the kitchen). The electrical contractor's bill is being negotiated. Sure enough, the electrician came here today with the original estimate as my final statement, which included things that weren't done (and apparently weren't necessary according to the Code, despite what the estimator originally said), such as installing an outlet at the end of the bar (not cheap). I told him I was going through Home Depot to get billed for the work and would not pay the electrical contractor directly (as per Home Depot's instructions last night) and that I needed an itemized statement of the work actually done. All this should be resolved next week. I'm not cheap but I'm not going to be taken advantage of. The electricians who have worked here (2) have in any case been great.

The card table in this room is gone. Lucky used to sit on it to watch TV. Oh well. He'll have to sit on the floor.

I'm so elated right now that I can't take a much-needed nap. I should take a Valerian root or something. I'm already having a cocktail in celebration. This is an occasion if there ever was one in my rather dull life these days. (No complaints.) Hallelujah!

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