Sunday, January 04, 2009

Amputations, and mostly civilians, at a Gaza hospital

This is awful. Complete IHP story here.

The combat was not taking place inside Gaza City on Saturday night and Sunday but in areas like Beit Lahiya and east, closer to the Israeli border. At least five civilians in Gaza City were killed Sunday morning, however, when Israeli shells or rockets landed in the city's market, Palestinian medical officials said. An Israeli military spokesman said the circumstances were being checked.

The Israeli Army has repeatedly emphasized that its operation is not aimed at Gaza's residents. But, sensitive to deep opposition worldwide to the toll on civilians, the military repeated in a statement on Sunday that "the Hamas terror organization operates amongst civilians, using them as human shields." . . .

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m'sean said...

it gives me so much pain ,you have no idea how much, to see what's happening over in Gaza this isn't right at all, I wish I could do something to stop this good for nothing war. THIS IS WRONG ISRAEL