Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Going Out On Top . . .'

". . . of the list of worst Presidential approval ratings ever for an outgoing President:"

President Bush prepares to leave office with no evidence that public opinion toward him is softening during his final days in power, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. When asked about Mr. Bush’s performance over the last eight years, 22 percent of respondents said they approved. That matched Mr. Bush’s job-approval rating for much of last fall, the lowest of his presidency. In the current poll, 73 percent disapproved of his performance over the course of his two terms.

In contrast, Mr. Bush’s most recent predecessors left office with approval ratings ranging from 68 percent, for both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, to 44 percent, for Jimmy Carter. Mr. Bush’s father left with 54 percent.

"You did a heck of a job, Bushie." (From Big Tent Democrat here.)

And they said he would get a bump in the polls on his way out. A bump in the ass is more like it. Good riddance!

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