Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday night

Today's lunch -- Hoppin' John. Made that yesterday. Excellent. My mother always made it at New Year's for good luck. (It doesn't work for that, but it tastes good.)

This week I bought my Christmas present to myself: Peugeot salt and pepper mills (in background). I'd seen them at Crate & Barrel last fall, when I was up at Aventura Mall to get my tires rotated (took forever so I had a lot of time to window shop). They're lacquered wood and guaranteed to last two years. Also bought some Mediterranean sea salt at the grocery store to put in the salt mill. I can't say I really taste the difference in my food between that and regular table salt, and it costs around five times as much. Still, I like the matching set of new toys. They go perfectly with the new white kitchen.

I'm also liking my new latex bed pillows, which were a necessity. I might try out one more pillow -- one that contains both memory foam and down. (Just got a 20%-off coupon in the mail from Bed Bath & Beyond.) I didn't like the feel of the solid memory foam pillow, however, and it was heavy.

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