Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday night

Went grocery shopping after a good nap after work. Was hungry, so ended up getting all kinds of goodies. (I'm not fat, either--see post above.)

The top thing on my list, however, had been a citrus reamer, which I found at Target, my first stop. Then it was on to Publix.

Got some fried chicken, some tree-ripened peaches, ground beef (for chili and hamburgers), cubed steaks, two kinds of frozen sausages, some frozen sausage biscuits, bacon (on sale), orange sherbet (no sugar added), cheese, a bunch of yogurts (fat-free), and more. Had a piece of chicken in the car before leaving the parking lot. (I have a salt-shaker in the car for these occasions.) I looked for some peppermint stick ice cream but there wasn't any to be had. Just as well.

I also got some cat food.

Got home and ate a peach and one of the sausage biscuits (Tennessee Pride). That was good. (I'd actually been looking for the cheesy sausage balls but they didn't have any.) (Those are really good.)

Right now I'm on a little vacation from the gym, but will start back at the gym soon. (I'm paying for it whether I go or not.) Just rewarding myself for enduring the holidays, which I really don't enjoy. But I manage to muddle through.

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