Monday, January 26, 2009

OK weekend

The condo meeting happens but once a year, and this year I was determined to go. (I think I missed it last year but had a proxy.) (Last year was an "annus horribilis," as Queen Elizabeth put it a few years ago after a bad year.)

Yesterday after my nap I did go to Starbuck's for a coffee and then to T.G.I. Friday's. I hadn't been out to eat in a while and was craving their French onion soup. I had no trouble getting a table and sat outside by the fountain, facing west as the sun was setting in shades of grey and rose. I had the soup, then the sliders appetizer (half off with a meal), then a burgundy-sauced flat-iron steak with fried onion rings. Everything was good. Took two of the sliders and most of the steak home. Then stopped back off at Starbuck's for tea.

Last night I cleaned the kitchen in anticipation of the counter people coming back in to fix the sink. I want the counter to be immaculate. Otherwise I have no motivation to keep anything immaculate. I'm pretty much a "shut-in" these days (as Stephanie Miller says) (of herself).

I stayed up way too late last night (too much coffee and tea?), got up today and did a few things, then took a nap. I made chili and "Mom's Beef Stroganoff," which I had for dinner, without noodles. Got to get back to the gym. I'm starting to fill out around the middle.

Watched some good TV tonight. Here's a "60 Minutes" segment on resveratrol. Forget about the gym. I want some of that.

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