Friday, January 09, 2009


Not much to report these days. No news is good news, except for the situation in Gaza. You can go here to sign a petition demanding the U.S. intervene to bring about a cease-fire.

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman expressed doubts about Obama's economic recovery package, but Obama said he'd welcome all suggestions. See here.

See here also.

Obama isn't ignoring Paul Krugman, even though Krugman gave the Obama campaign some grief over Obama's health insurance plan (and rightfully so). Krugman knows what he's talking about.

Wasn't feeling up to snuff this week, so took a vacation from the gym and bought some new pillows for my bed, hoping to alleviate some aches. Soaking dried black-eyed peas tonight and will make "Hoppin' John" tomorrow. This is a traditional New Year's dish, but I'm running a little late this year. Last week was a bitch, as you know.

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