Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Bush Upon Leaving Office: “I Did A Heckuva Job”'

This is good.

It appears there's at least one person who thinks George W. Bush was an awesome president.

"I have a great sense of accomplishment, and I am going home with my head held high."

Good for you! But what about the economy, W.?

"No question that the current economic situation is very difficult and obscures the fact that during my time in office we had 52 uninterrupted months of job creation, which was a record," he said. "The current economic crisis began before my presidency. All of us who have held office from the genesis of the crisis until today bear responsibility." [See post immediately below.]

The buck never stops with W., who has been pushing this "52 uninterrupted months of job creation" spin for a year. Considering Bill Clinton's tenure produced 21 million new jobs and W.'s, 3 million, and that he has the worst job creation record of any modern president, it's just pathetic. It's also a bit like bragging about how many accident-free days you had at the factory before it blew up and killed everyone.

After the attacks of 9/11, my mission was to protect the homeland and to put tools in place to enable future presidents to protect the homeland. And that has been accomplished," Bush said. "There hasn't been another attack."

This is the same nonsense Nooners served up: because the nation suffered only one historically-catastrophic attack on W.'s watch, that somehow vindicates his presidency. Tough sell.

And speaking of mission accomplished...

" 'Mission Accomplished' was a mistake," he said, referring to the banner that was displayed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in May 2003 after the end of initial military operations in Iraq. "Even though it was done out of pure innocence because we were saying to the sailors, 'Mission accomplished; good job.' "

Yeah, playing dress up and prancing around the deck of an aircraft carrier and saluting for the cameras and crowing about the Great Victory in Iraq on worldwide teevee was all for the sailors' benefit.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, W.

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