Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tomorrow morning is our annual condo meeting, so I have to get up for that. It's at 10:00. It'll be interesting. We recently got rid of the court-appointed receiver (long story) who had been in cahoots with the former corrupt management. Now the elected board is in sole charge of the management of the building.

Weather is getting warmer. Still, this morning I wore my leather coat and the hoodie.

Home Depot was back in touch with me today. The countertop people, who installed the sink, will be calling me about coming back and securing the sink in place so it doesn't move. Also, the acting kitchen expediter faxed me an itemization of the electrical contractor's charges. I have reason not to trust this outfit, and the Home Depot District Services Manager called to say he'll call me on Monday to go over the bill. I'm not cheap but I just don't want to get screwed. After the cabinets and countertop, the electrical work is the most expensive item.

I let Lucky back out onto the terrace today, for a while at least.

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