Friday, January 30, 2009


Today we had our yearly performance reviews at work. I'd been sitting on pins and needles, as I always do. But I got a perfect score and positive comments. Was relieved. Also got a small raise and bonus. I'm satisfied considering the condition the economy is in. They may raise the raises in July. They're taking a wait-and-see approach. My bonus was less than half of what I got last year. We all have to suffer for George Bush's governance (or lack thereof). I hope Obama "claws back" those billions in bonuses for the greedy, inept, irresponsible and immoral bankers we're bailing out with taxpayers' money.

We have to end this culture of rapacious greed and social irresponsibility that destroys our economy and puts us all at peril. The (dare I say) liberal notion that private enterprise can do no wrong, would never do anything that could hurt itself, that it can regulate itself based strictly on self-interest, is false. Look at what's happened. The banks are failing. This is not the first time this has happened.

Over the past eight years, the Bush administration did everything they could do to dismantle FDR's reforms, and the only thing they're going to be famous for (besides leading the country into a disastrous, unprovoked war) is showing that FDR was right.

When I got home from work tonight, I had a voice message from the countertop people. They want to come and fix the sink on Tuesday. My supervisor will be out on Tuesday, so it's not a good day. I'll have to call them back on Monday and see about a different date.

Was back at the gym tonight, then the grocery store, then Starbuck's for a tea. Bought Nathan's hot dogs on sale and will make Beanie Weenies. Also bought some frozen crab cakes. Weighed five pounds less than I did on Wednesday.

Will not stay up so late tonight and get up earlier tomorrow to work on a project.

Now when I come home from work and open the door, the cats, led by Lucky, rush out into the hallway (I don't know why -- because it's now dark inside the apartment at that hour?). This is a relatively new thing. In any case, Lucky especially likes to luxuriate in the hall carpet. (The floors in the apartment are all tiled.) I'm just afraid the cats will get fleas, since we have a lot of dog owners in the building. (Bootsy once got a flea and I had to buy some stuff to kill it.)

I've had cats with fleas before when I used to let them go outside when I had a yard. I had fleas jumping up on my legs, and I'd have to fumigate the carpets with flea-killer. I'm glad this place is tiled. That's what I wanted. No more carpets to accommodate fleas and trap dirt and allergens.

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