Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday night

Tonight I was back at the gym. Feel better already. I weighed 178, so I'd gained a few pounds. Had to go back after eating a whole meat-lover's pizza for lunch yesterday. Will start watching what I eat again.

Today at work beginning at noon, they had a $5 salad bar to benefit Autism. Had a big plate of salad and some of Mom's Stroganoff for lunch. After the gym, I made giant hamburgers embedded with onion out of lean ground beef (on sale). Also cooked mixed vegetables. That will be for lunch tomorrow. I also fried up a couple of hot Italian sausages (also on sale). (Kind of cancels out the lean ground beef burgers but that's OK.)

Tonight after work I had another odd dream, but this wasn't a bad one. My mother was in this one also. I dream about her a lot. Sometimes she's nice, sometimes not. (She was bipolar later in life and always turned against me when she was in a manic state. She lived to be 59.) Today she was nice. (She's still very much alive in my mind, even though she passed away almost 24 years ago.) Lucky was in it too. The occasion was a casual wedding where the bride was in a motorized wheelchair. They were practicing before the wedding and I was sitting on the aisle. At one point the bride-to-be ran over my foot with her wheelchair when she was coming back down the aisle in a practice run. (The aisle was narrow and my foot was sticking out a couple of inches.)

At another point (after the wedding and before the reception), my mother and I were standing over a buffet table with a gold runner on it, talking, and Lucky jumped up on top of it. Since Mom and I were engaged in conversation, we didn't pay Lucky much attention and he jumped down off the table onto a chair and meowed "blah blah blah". My mother remarked how smart a cat Lucky was to do that.

(My mother, by the way, was a life-long conservative Democrat who always voted Republican in the presidential races, as does my father. My father switched to the Republican party during the Reagan years. We never talk politics. The last thing political I heard from him was when B. and I went to visit him in Homosassa last spring. He picked us up at the Tampa airport and drove us up to Homosassa. I remarked how pretty the wildflowers were in the median, and he made a wisecrack about Lady Bird Johnson beautifying the highway.)

I think exercise is a natural mood-lifter, but it's also mood-lifting to break away from that routine from time to time.

Time to take some melatonin. I see now they advertise a sleeping aid that contains melatonin, Valerian root (I take that too, later) and tryptophan (used to take that). See here and here.

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