Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Shear Genius was really good. A plot twist -- nobody went home.

Not really watching TV. Been looking at blogs.

I think I've mellowed some since the health care vote on Sunday. I'd expended a lot of energy imploring Congress people (House and Senate) and the President to get that passed (though the reconciliation bill has yet to be passed in the Senate) and devoting hours blogging about it here (to what benefit, I don't know, but nevertheless I felt compelled to do it).

It's not the greatest bill, but it's good and can easily be improved upon. Maybe because I lived in Europe a time during my formative years and saw that nobody worried about where their health care was coming from that this has been an issue of mine. The Europeans live well and have excellent health care, and everyone has ready access to it.* What, exactly, is wrong with that? It has always seemed right to me.

I was an exchange student and lived in households of professional people (it was a Rotary Club exchange**) and never once heard anyone complain about their health care system. In fact, they seemed to be proud of it. Well, now I can take some pride in our system here.

*and I'm not talking about going to the Emergency Room in a full-blown crisis, which up till now has been our answer to providing universal health care.

**I was sponsored by the Miami Rotary Club, of which my cousin had been president, and spent a year in Germany (and also traveled widely and have been back since).

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