Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Cloudy today, 75 F., humid Probably would be nice for sitting outside -- no sun to avoid -- but here I sit, eating watermelon and drinking coffee. Will be going to the gym soon.

Finished off my chopped steak for lunch, with some of those microwave mixed vegetables. Nothing could be easier to make. This batch was Asian style with lots of broccoli and crunchy miniature corns. I've eaten very healthy this weekend. No Stouffer's breaded fish and mac 'n' cheese, not that it's exactly unhealthy. No fried chicken.

Contributed $10 to the DCCC. No more contributions. This one was solicited by Patrick Kennedy and will be matched dollar-for-dollar by "a group of committed Democrats." I figured it was a good one.

No new "Desperate Housewives" tonight. Just as well. I have to clean up the kitchen. Maybe I'll talk to my friend in Canada. Haven't talked to him in quite a while. He emailed me that he would be staying home today.

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