Friday, March 05, 2010

Thursday night

Almost TGIF.

I haven't had any replies about my old TV. I'll give the ad on Craig's List a month and then make arrangements to have the TV removed from here. Or I could chop it up in little pieces and put it in the dumpster. Don't think I'll do that.

Made some headway on my NYC vacation. I found a few gay guesthouses, a couple of them in Chelsea (not that I'm targeting that area). I'm still not ready to commit to a date. I want the old TV out of here and then I'll have the place professionally cleaned again before I go on vacation. Next month I have to take care of my neighbor's cat while my neighbor's out of town, so I'm looking at May for my vacation. Since the cats did well while I was in Savannah on my last vacation (four nights), I'll go ahead and spend five or six nights in NYC. (Neighbor took care of cats while I was away.)

Tired of the cold, but it appears it will warm up gradually.

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