Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'25 Cars Broken Into In One Day At North Miami Neighborhood'

This happened right down the street from me. I'm glad we have an enclosed secure parking garage where I live, with security cameras everywhere. It would be difficult for a thief to get into our garage unless the gates were stuck open (which sometimes they are, but they get repaired quickly these days). Story here.

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. -- At least 25 car owners were left without radios, baby strollers and children's Christmas presents after the items were stolen from their cars Monday morning, residents said.

Local residents said they are trying to figure out how so many thieves were able to organize and execute a raid in their North Miami neighborhood at the 135th Street canal enclave, a street where police officers also live.

"We always take precautions like any other neighborhood, but I guess under-patrolled areas are always easy targets," resident Jake Barnes said. "Somehow they got past our security gates and robbed more cars than I've ever seen before."

Two different high-rise communities were attacked on the dead-end street. Security fences were breached and car windows were broken throughout open-air parking lots.

Residents of Keystone Towers, one community that was robbed, are blaming building management for the mess. With 40 percent of the two buildings unoccupied and many owners in foreclosure, they said that condo fees don't support necessary security for the residents.

The situation leaves residents and their families easy targets for Miami's criminals.

On Tuesday, Keystone's management notified residents they do not carry adequate insurance to cover Monday's losses.

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