Sunday, December 14, 2008

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s Wedding Met With Protesters

Maybe he's bi and is doing Geraldo Rivera on the side. From here.

When Florida Gov. Charlie Crist tied the know over the weekend in St. Petersburg Florida, some 250 peaceful protesters from Impact Florida stood across the street wanting to know, according to one t-shirt, “Congratulations Governor Crist: When can I get married?”

The conservative governor did an about face on gay rights this year when he openly endorsed the state’s Amendment 2, which wrote a ban on same-sex marriage into the constitution. Crist had previously said he wouldn’t comment on the issue.

According to reports, the protest was a peaceful one. Numerous high-profile guests, including TV personality Geraldo Rivera, attended the ceremony.

When asked last week about the gay rights group’s plans to protest his wedding to 39-year-old beard manufacturer Carole Rome, he said, “They have a First Amendment right to do so.”

Crist was one of the early names mentioned as a potential running mate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain, but was thought to be a long shot because of long standing rumors the politician is gay.

Crist announced his engagement earlier this year.

A beard manufacturer, no less.

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