Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday night

Had a good day today. For one thing, Christmas was over and things were back to normal--so I was able to go to the grocery store and Starbucks and the gym. For another, met an old friend I hadn't seen in a year, though we keep in close touch. He lives in the next county up, but not really that far. (We both live near the county line.) We had lunch at Flanigan's, then came back here for him to see the new kitchen, then had coffee outside at Starbucks. Weather was pleasant today--not so humid, not gusty. He brought me some new-kitchen-warming gifts. Much appreciated. (He recently started the blog "Plunked Down on Plunkett Street.")

(I realize Starbucks may not have the cheapest or even the best coffee around (I happen to like their regular coffee, and it's only $1.76 for a tall cup, including tax), but I do like the ambience and the agreeable staff and, in particular, the ample, umbrellaed (and in places architecturally overhanging, so you can get out of the rain) outside seating area at this particular location, and, even more important, the fact that it's a short walk--across the street--from where I live. (You just have to look both ways as you cross the street, and that's no big deal.) Moreover the clientele is generally attractive. They also have wifi--if you'd like to bring your laptop and go on the Internet, as many people do. Plus I appreciate the fact that the company is environmentally and socially responsible and offers good benefits (including healthcare) to its employees.)

I also checked out some iridescent glass tiles at a tile store (Iberia Tiles) in the shopping plaza where the Starbucks is located. I don't need tiles from Spain or Portugal, but I wanted to see what the place had to offer. The stuff I'm looking at costs around $20/sq. ft. at that particular store, but I can probably get the same thing cheaper at a less upscale tile store that doesn't have such a spacious and luxurious showroom. The place was almost as big as a boutique furniture store -- can you imagine, to show tile.

Tomorrow I have to get up a little earlier than I normally would on a Saturday to meet my cousin from Tampa and her family for lunch at T.G.I. Fridays. I chose Fridays, which is just up the street from me and not far from where they're staying in Hollywood, since it has a nice al fresco dining area, and they have their dog with them. (She had suggested a place with outdoor seating to accommodate the dog, a chihuahua, I believe.) They'll be driving back here after lunch to see my place (they've never seen it) and I suggested we then have coffee at . . . Starbucks. After our visit, they'll head back to Tampa. I'm looking forward to it. Then maybe I'll do a little writing afterwards on my new short story.

Had fun tonight watching "What Not to Wear." That's a really good show. I enjoy it. Hadn't seen it in a while.

P.S. Weighed myself at the gym tonight. I've gained around 4 lbs., from indulging myself over the holidays. That will stop soon.

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