Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday night

Back to work and the gym today. Weighed myself tonight at the gym. I'm still about 4 lbs. over my normal weight, owing to all the sweets sitting around the office for the holidays. Today I finished off the home-made peanut brittle myself, so that's gone. I also had some chocolate-covered nuts and cookies (some of which were also chocolate-covered). They're almost gone, too. That's good. But then we had a birthday celebration today, and I had a piece of tangerine cream pie. (Fakey but tasty.) Today at work I created a thank-you card in Photoshop to be emailed to those people who gifted us the sweets.

I eat sweets in moderation but it's hard to resist eating more when they're everywhere in abundance and free. It's good that I don't keep sweets at home. I'll eat them if they're here. But, frankly, I'd rather eat pickles (and do keep them here).

I haven't heard from Home Depot in three weeks about the bill for the electrical work or their coming back to fix the moving sink. I realize it's the holidays and the Customer Care lady in Atlanta said to be patient. So I will. Meanwhile, the kitchen is fully functional, which is the most important thing.

Watching "Intervention" now and thinking about B. How these people lie.

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