Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday night

Tonight I sat down at my new expansive bar top in the living room and wrote out my holiday cards. My handwriting always becomes spastic when I do this (maybe under the pressure of knowing that there are only so many cards and I can't screw up). (Or maybe subconsciously, I want to make my handwriting more revealing about myself than I normally would, it being the emotional holidays and all. I don't know.) At any rate, it's the thought (and feelings) that counts. They got a card so they can't complain, and these are my friends--they're not going to hold my handwriting against me.

At least I had pre-printed some nice transparent plastic labels for the addresses and my return address and managed to get them on straight, along with the stamps. Then I sealed the envelopes with some holiday stickers. The traditional holiday postage stamps were kind of ugly this year, so I used the "Celebrate" stamps and the big Bette Davis stamps instead. I also downsized my cards this year for the recession.

Tonight I was at the store for cat food and then stopped off for gas. I was able to fill my tank for $20. Wow. (I drive a small truck these days, and don't use it to commute.)

On that note, I have to say the bus I take to work and back is becoming more and more crowded. This morning I was sandwiched between two people and couldn't even move the whole time. (I couldn't wait to get off the bus.) At least Stephanie Miller kept me in a good mood. I used to be able to occupy two seats, one for me and one for my wheely bag, and be able to cross my legs at will. I'm afraid now I might get a blood clot. They should put some more buses on that route!

This morning when I got in to work, I had a message from the Home Depot Customer Care lady in Atlanta. Very nice, asking me to please be patient and telling me that she would be "reaching out" to some people in order to get me an itemized bill for the electrical work done in the kitchen. At this point, after having gone without a kitchen for so many months, I have all the patience in the world. At least now I can use my kitchen again. There's also the problem of the shifting under-mount sink that still needs to be resolved, but we didn't talk about that.

On that note, tonight for dinner I heated up some chicken gumbo and also made a batch of chili to take to work.

Tomorrow I have a nursing appoint to draw blood, then have a doctor's appointment in two weeks.

That Illinois governor is one sleazy character! We need to eradicate this behavior from our culture, no matter what political party engages in it. I wish they'd have bugged some conversations between the Bush Administration and their business cronies over the invasion of Iraq, for example. The Bush Administration has to be one of the most corrupt that has ever existed.

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