Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday night

Of course, Lucky still hangs out in the bathroom sink (when it's dry) to get attention.

Didn't work my ass off this weekend as I did last. Got a lot of rest. Next week is a three-day work week, so I'll have a four-day weekend. (It's Christmas.) I still have to do a deep cleaning on the bedroom floors; maybe I'll do it then. The rest of the place is fine and, at last, presentable for guests.

I'm meeting a friend on Friday at Flanigan's. We'll have a bite to eat and then end up back here. He wants to see the new kitchen, even though the backsplashes and painting aren't done. It'll be clean, though. (I cleaned it this weekend.)

Bootsy is doing well, too. I certainly don't neglect him. He gets a lot of love and attention. I just wish B. cared about him more. No word from B. at all. I'm going to write his mother a note tomorrow (I don't have her new phone number). I'd asked B. to ask his mother whether she'd like to have my almost-new counter-top microwave oven (since I got a new one installed over the stove). (She has my really old one.) I never got any response. Maybe B. never told her, since he's in the clutches of the psychopathic BF who keeps B. drugged up. (I'm not joking.)

B.'s mother sent me a very nice Christmas card and I also sent her a nice one. (Her card was the first one I received.)

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