Tuesday, December 09, 2008

'Torture Apologist To Take Over As Canadian Liberal Party Leader'

From Firedoglake here.

It seems that Bob Rae has stepped aside for Michael Ignatieff to take over the Liberal leadership. Ignatieff is most famous for apologizing for American torture and pushing the Iraq war. Current leader Dion will step down, allowing Ignatieff to become the interim leader, then be officially confirmed in April at the Liberal convention. . . .

Can't say I'm pleased. I had problems with Rae, stemming from his time as Ontario Premier, but he was infinitely preferable to a man so morally depraved he would apologize for torture. I will not vote Liberal so long as Ignatieff is their leader. I am also disappointed by the Liberal party's anti-democratic choice to exclude ordinary party members from choosing the party's leader.

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