Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday night

[Updated] Just to get this in quickly: As of a few minutes ago, B.'s BF's black Hummer was parked downstairs in the guest parking by the lobby door. Tonight I'd been to the grocery store, driving by B.'s restaurant (it's on the way). I noticed the Hummer wasn't in the parking lot, but I knew B. works on Thursday nights. (And I looked again on the way back from the store.) I suspect the BF is here selling drugs and will pick B. up later from work, if they're still together this week. (As some of you may know, the BF had been a security guard here but was fired over a parking-space rental scam. At least that much I know. There may have been additional reasons.) [But as my friend in Canada pointed out, maybe the BF was just here for a party (some party, I'll bet!).]

I got flustered the minute I saw the Hummer. Got upstairs in a hurry. The apartment was secure. No signs of breaking and entering. (Actually the security here is very good--that's one reason why I live here--but you can imagine having a psychopath for a security guard is like letting the fox guard the henhouse.)


There are two Publix grocery stores near here, within a mile (if that) of each other. One is relatively new and enormous (at Biscayne Commons) [there was a sparrow flying around in there tonight, not the first time I'd spotted one]. That's the one up the road (U.S. 1) from B.'s restaurant. The other one, which is old and much smaller, is three blocks down the road from here, within easy walking distance. I usually go to the one down the road, in case my truck doesn't start and I can walk home with at least some of the groceries and then walk back to the truck the next day to have it magically start right up like there was never anything wrong with it. But I haven't had trouble with the truck in almost a year. Now watch!

Tonight I wanted to buy some meat and I thought the larger store would have a better selection, since the meat section is larger. But wouldn't you know--they didn't have much to choose from tonight. So I drove down to the older store and found what I needed.

Tonight I worked an hour late to make up for some of the time I took off yesterday to go to the doctor's. I was glad I did. The building's Christmas party started at 5:30, the time I would normally leave work. I got down to the party a little early to beat the crowd and got dinner! By the time I left the office an hour later, you could barely make your way through the crowd.

The building management outdid itself. The food was amazing. Beautiful, fancy hors d'oeuvres, honey-baked ham (spiced with clove) and turkey, and a buffet table of hot items, along with assorted fruit and cheeses, all kinds of breads and crackers, and a nice assortment of desserts. I stuck to the ham and hors d'oeuvres and had a mini-cream puff and mini-chocolate mousse for dessert. It came in a tiny plastic martini glass garnished with a chunk of strawberry and a crunchy sweet waffle tube (they're big in Europe but I don't know what they're called) (I'll try to find out on the Internet) [they're called "rolled wafers" or "rolled coffee wafers" or "wafer tubes"] [see photo], with a tiny black plastic spoon stuck in it. I had the dark mousse--they also had white chocolate.

There was also live music and open bars, but I didn't get anything to drink.

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m'sean said...

I don't know, just thinking the bf may have been just sitting in his truck seizing you up, why would he be there, they still let him in your building after all the bs he did? he may not be very happy with the reading material you gave b. if I was bf I would not be happy about that. from where I'm standing it's a possibility. if B. would have wanted to come back he would have done so a long time ago, you said it yourself he look fine and happy. B. can not be that weak and not be able to make his own mind up. anyway be careful I think they are enjoying seeing you like this, get yourself a date and show them how good and happy you are. cut him loose form your emotions... I know it's not easy