Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday night

Enough cleaning. Then after I'd cleaned this floor, I went to move the plant in the blue pot and it tipped over, spilling dirt everywhere. So I had to move everything and re-clean it from scratch. The plant (a two-year-old amaryllis) has been banished to the terrace. It grows fine but will never bloom again unless I stick the bulb in the refrigerator for a month (or something). The plant was lopsided and too heavy for the pot.

The living room at least is basically back to normal--no trace of the chaos caused by the kitchen remodeling job--plus I cleaned some more floors. Got a lot of exercise, so I'll skip the gym tomorrow and clean the kitchen floor. I still have to do the bedrooms. Got a start on one of them today.

Enjoyed listening to my house music. I hadn't listened to those songs in a year. (I haven't listened to any CDs at all.)

I think maybe the work today was good physical therapy for my left shoulder. Normally it aches and is sensitive (and makes grinding noises), but now it's like normal.

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