Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday evening

Felt a little deflated today after spending the past two days with friend and family. Also, it's back to work tomorrow, which I rarely look forward to. Then on Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment to get some test results and on Friday a cleaning at the dentist. Of course, we have New Year's Day off.

I decided to play it by ear today. After running the dishwasher and making West African Tuna Casserole, I cleaned myself up and walked over to Starbucks. The weather was beautiful, so I lingered outside over two cups of coffee and about finished reading my magazine (the winter fiction issue of The New Yorker).

I'm not going to the gym tonight since I want to watch "60 Minutes" (all about Obama) and then two TLC shows about someone in Indonesia who is "part man, part tree." They're repeats but I haven't seen them. See here and here.

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