Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve

Today my employer let us go home from work two hours early for the Christmas holiday. (We have a four-day weekend.) The cats expected to eat when I got home (early as I was), so I fed them and we took a an hour's nap.

I'd been looking forward to having a coffee at Starbucks and doing some reading and then going to the grocery store, but both had already closed for the holiday. (A few people were nonetheless sitting outside at Starbucks. I suspect they drove there for a fancy Christmas coffee and then decided just to sit a spell before driving back.) Picked up some cash at the store and then drove to Taco Bell (by then I was getting a bit hungry and was thinking about a Mexican pizza). The dining room was closed but the drive-through was open, but I nixed that and decided to check out Burger King--I wanted to sit down, and not back at home in front of the computer and TV. BK's dining room was also closed, so I ended up at the Denny's just across the parking lot. I hadn't been there in years. I was pleasantly surprised. Had some really good nachos and a huge slice of coconut cream pie. It's the holidays so I'm indulging myself a little, but still I didn't expect to get so much pie--it must have been almost a quarter of a pie and very deep, served in a large bowl. I ate it all anyway. Had a cup of coffee with that but left there feeling bloated and rather tired (like I needed another nap). This morning I called the gym, by the way, and they said they were closing at noon (!). This would normally have been a gym day and I would gladly have gone, especially with all the indulging that I've been doing, with holiday treats sitting out everywhere at work. It'll be nice to get back to my little routine.

Tonight I talked with my friend in Quebec. He'd already gone through a bottle of wine, etc. Then some friends knocked on his door while we were on the phone and I said to go party with them--I'll call him back tomorrow. The weather up there is pretty bad. It was very humid here today and kind of misting, but not even cool. A bit gusty, though.

I have nothing planned for tomorrow, besides talking to a few people on the phone. Maybe I'll get my bicycle back in condition and take a ride. I'd had it locked up in the bike rack in the parking garage the whole time the kitchen was being remodeled. Now it's back in the apartment, out of the elements, and more accessible. I just need to blow up the tires and apply a little WD-40.

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